Mychina.ge suggests you the best service of cargo shipping. The company Mychina.ge has been operating since 2013. The main activity of the company is to transport small, medium and large mixed cargoes for private persons and also for organizations from China to Georgia.

Experience showed us the necessity of the transportation of the collective (mixed) cargoes (so-called „Groupage Cargo”), so we developed a plan and brought it to the end to make easier the complex process of mixed cargo handling.

Our main advantages are: Small cargo shipping on economically profitable conditions, comfortable high quality service, competitive prices, constant control of the location of your goods from the given link.

Cooperating with us, we offer to collect different types of goods arrived from different addresses in one cargo, pallet or container and give you the price according to real volumetric weight (the weight of one CBM should not be more then 357 kg, in this case we give you the price according to the real weight of your goods).

“Mychina.ge”  suggests:

• Marine shipment — transportation period from 35 to 45 days.

• Transportation of items purchased from different web sites and factories from China to Georgia.

• Combining different types of goods from different addresses in one box, pallet or container with your unique code.

• Perform private and corporate orders.

• Small and large cargo shipment.

• Free consultation at any time

• Competitive prices.

• Real volumetric weight.

• Service of wrapping.

• Pick up service in China Republic (price depands on the volume and weight of the good and the adress of pick up).

• Pick up service in Georgia (price depands on the volume and weight of the good and the adress of pick up).

• Customs clearance service in China and Georgia.